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Flello.com goes live

Flello.com went live on the 25th of April 2005. The site features a forum where Flello's from around the World can chat to each other and post news on births, weddings etc.

The Forum also features a facility where members can upload photos from their computers to the forum so that relatives can see each other over the net.

A mailing list has been created to keep all the e-mail adresses of Flello's around the world and through this they can be kept updated on births weddings and other engagements.

Historically the site was hosted as a sub directory of another site but this limited the features of the site. Now the site is a stand alone website and boasts the following fantastic features.

  • Updateable news feature
  • Interactive forum

  • Guestbook

  • Flello specific search engine for Flello links

  • Mailing list and newsletter

The forum on its own has some fantastic features in that members can chat to each and research the origin of the Flello name.

Categories such as where we are in the world will help to keep other Flello's informed of where their relatives are living now.

There is a category for finding a Flello where users have lost contact and a category where users can announce wedding dates and the births of their children.

The forums photo album feature is a valuable resource where Flello's browse through all the Flello photo albums and see what physical charcteristics we all share.

It will allow long lost relatives to see each other where they have not seen each other for years. Wedding and birth photos can also be uploaded so that Flello relatives can see their new relatives without having to travel out of their homes.

The updateable news feature is easily updateable from around the world by the webmaster and if any Flello's have any Family news, it can be automatically integrated into the website for all Flello's to read.

To ensure that the website is always improving there is a category in the Forum specifically for Suggestions and all Flello's are welcome to make their suggestions on how to improve the site.

So what's next ? Start chatting on the forum and send us your Flello news so that we can make this website the BEST family website on the internet. your contributions will make it second to none.

Enjoy the site.


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