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The family name history - Flello

The Welsh family name "Flello" is classified of being of personal name origin derived from the first name of the father of the initial bearer.

In this case, the surname "Flello" originally identified a person who was the "son of Llwelyn". This was a favourite name amongst the early Welsh rulers including Gruffudd ap Llywelyn (d. 1063) who was king of Gwynedd and of all Wales after 1055 and Llywelyn ap Iorwerth or Llywelyn the Great (1173-1240) who was prince of Gwynedd.

His grandson Llywelyn II is regarded as the last prince of Wales and champion of Welsh independence after he fell in battle against Edward I in 1292.

This Welsh surname is spelt in many different ways, the usual forms being Llewellyn, Llewellin, Llewhellin, Llywellin, Lewellin and numerous others due to the difficulties encountered by English clerks with the Initial Ll-.

The personal name Llywellyn is derived rom an Old Welsh element "llyw" meaning "leader" and "eilyn" meaning "Likeness". Variants of the surname Flello include Flellow, Flewelin, Flewelling and Llewellyn.

Other early references to the name or to a variant include one known as ap (son of) Ylewelyn who appears in the records of the BGond Peach in 1295 and Tudor ap Llywelyn who is recorded in the Extent of Chirkland in 1391. Notable bearers of the name include the poet Alias Ferch Gruffudd ab Ieuan ap Llywelyn Fychan (1520).

The modern spelling of most Welsh surnames is compartively recent and are found in parish registers of eigtheenth and nineteenth century. Elizabeth Flello, daughter of William and Elizabeth Flello, was christened in Aylesford, count of Kent, on the 30th December 1793.

Edward Flello, son of James and Sarah Flello, was christened in Holt, Worchestershire on the 27th March 1822. Andrew Flello, son of George FLello, was christened in Pensax, Worchestershire on the 3rd March 1972.

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