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Here is something that I want to try to do for you.

I don't know what this will cost but I think I can give you an e-mail address like john@flello.com. This is only for Flello's and I am not sure how many I can do. At the moment there is no charge but if it gets costly then I will have to divide the cost between all those using the service. At worst I think it will be something like 5 US Dollars a year. If you do want to make a donation to help pay for the cost of running this site then that is fine too, so just click on the link below and let me know.

The E-mail will work like this. It is only a forwarding e-mail so your mail will be sent to your existing e-mail address. You won't get an e-mail box as such, but you will be able to tell people that your e-mail address is john@flello.com for example. This is because all e-mails sent to john@flello.com will be forwarded to your existing e-mail address.

If you want a .......@flello.com e-mail then please send me your existing e-mail address and your name and a bit about yourself. Make sure that you tell me what name you want to use like john or jane or something. Once again this is only for Flello's. Click here to mail me. Or Use the contact page.

Get in quick because the best names will go first. I cant promise that the one you want is available but best of luck.


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