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Latest Flello news
Robert Flello gets in to Parliament - 23 May 2005
We are very proud to congratulate Robert Flello on his appointment as labour MP for Stoke on Trent South.
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Flello.com goes live - 18 February 2004
Flello.com went live on the 25th of April 2005. The site features a forum where Flello's from around the World can chat to each other and post news on births, weddings etc.
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About Flello.com

Hello Flello. Hello Cousin.

If you came here you must be a Flello or you know a Flello quite well.

My idea is simple. My name is Lee, I am proud to be a Flello & I think we are pretty unique. I would like to create a database here of all Flello's & our history.

Look, there arent many of us so I think we should stick together.

Whenever you need something check to see if there is a Flello that is doing or making what you need and give the job to one of us. Sound good?

This website is really just a quick thing I have knocked up but with your help we can make it something great so send me your name and details and lets make something of this.

At the very least it will be a reward for the trouble that we go through when we book a table at a restaurant or when we phone a client and they say the usual " I'm sorry what was your name ?"

Another reason for doing this is that I am getting really tired of spelling my name to someone and then they put a W on the end just because they think it looks better that way. So this will give our name more exposure.  

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